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November 1, 2019

Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in Honduras, it nevertheless was on the minds of the mothers and fathers of thirty-five Honduran children who underwent corrective heart surgery during our XXXVI Pediatric Cardiac Mission to Honduras.

HELPING HANDS FOR HONDURAS recently teamed-up medical personnel from the United States, Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Paraguay to provide lifesaving heart surgery to these lucky Honduran children who otherwise would have led a difficult life and ultimately faced a premature death.

2019 has been a great year not only for HELPING HANDS FOR HONDURAS but, most importantly, for almost 100 Honduran children who have been treated during the course of this year for their congenital heart defect and related cardiac diseases, either here in Honduras, during the heart missions, or (for those more complex cases) in the United States.

Without a doubt, these missions have been a tremendous success since we began them back in September 2008. With the money that is spent on sending one child to the United States more than thirty children can receive the same life-giving opportunity by bringing these cardiovascular pediatric missions to Honduras. Our goal is to provide four more missions during 2020.

With this type of commitment, we have the opportunity to help many more Honduran children who suffer with congenital heart defects, while keeping the children in Honduras close to their loved ones. These children can recover faster with the support of their families, while lowering the overall cost of each case.

We are thankful for all you have allowed us to do through your kindness, generosity and solidarity with the poor children of Honduras.

Ronald G. Roll
Helping Hands for Honduras

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