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December 25, 2019

THE WONDROUS SEASON OF CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST UPON US! Let me take this opportunity to extend my sincerest wishes for a joyous and blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Of all the beautiful symbols of Christmas, the one I love the most is the Star of Bethlehem. This was the star which illumined the path leading to the place where Christ had been born. This was the star which enabled the Magi, the shepherds, and others to find their way to Christ. This is the star which today reminds us of the true light which Christ brings to the world. This light shines in each one of us because we share in the light of God.

Because each one of us contains a spark of the light of divine love, we are called to share that light and that love with others and the light and warmth of divine love. We are called to be stars for others!

I believe our program for Honduran children born with heart disease is a fulfillment of that calling!

During 2019 HELPING HANDS FOR HONDURAS has helped many Honduran children receive the life-saving surgery they needed to survive. These Honduran children have received the gift of a new chance at life! In a way, they have celebrated a rebirth because you have shared the light and warmth of your own generous love with them.

You have become stars for these children ... and for the countless poor we are able to serve because of your kindness!

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